11: Escaping The "Business Friend Zone"
11 min

You know how friend zone, or being in the friend zone works. A guy or a girl giving tremendous amount of care and support to their special someone. And after all the effort, they're just...friends.

Your business can suffer the same fate as well. I was put in the business friend zone with the clients that I wanted to work with, where I would show interest in working with a client or have a desire to work with a client.

Have you ever been in this situation?  Listen in as I'll share 3 steps no how you can break out of the business friend zone.

Show Notes

[1:00] How "Friend Zone"  in the relationship setting works

  • On a guy's perspective, A guy likes a girl, guy waits on the girl, caters to her desires and whims, etc.
  • But the girl doesn't like the guy or not like how the guy likes her anyway.
  • "I'm so glad we're just friends".

[02:38] Friend Zone in the business perspective

  • I was doing all the things that I was supposed to be doing as a business .
  • I was giving a ton of "value" to those who I want to work with.
  • The business likes having you around but have no intention of ever working with you.

[04:36] Step 1: Create some friction in your market

  • Say something that scares you. Be easily approachable, but not easily accessible.
  • Don't be afraid to piss some people off in your market.
  • Be bold, take a stand, be who you want to be in business instead of who you think your market wants you to be

[05:56] Step 2: Teach the "what" and sell the "how"

  • Businesses give away the milk because they think it will attract buyers. By doing that, you are training your audience to ignore you.
  • Show the market that you understand the problem that they are facing. This builds trust.
  • Do not give away your solution. SELL your solution.

[07:28] Step 3: Increase your opportunity volume

  • Businesses get put in the friend zone because they don't have a predictable, dependable way to automatically bring in new opportunities.
  • Once you have the ability to increase your opportunity volume, leads will come in.
  • Have a simple and predictable way to bring in leads.
  • Having bigger opportunity changes your perspective on the market and it changes the way that you approach your market

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