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This was really fun episode for me to create it. I had to jump around and back again from the younger days to high school. Please do not play this episode for your kids, they might get ideas from it.

Unless you feel that they can learn from it. I will leave this up to you to make that decision. I have created this because of dealing with my son which he is now a Teen. OMG only to find that I am now in my own father's shoes. As well as going through the same stuff he did with me.

Once again TIME has changed. When we get to 25 years of age we begin to forget when our little one's go to school, it's sometimes scary for them to cope with it.

I had a shell shock experience and my own son helped me realize that I was just like my own father. Trying to help, but not even knowing that today, the world is much different then when I was in school 25 years ago.

This is my experience of what it was like 25 years ago, as well as now my son's telling me that today we don't use paper anymore. Wait! What?

Enjoy this ride with me cause I am sure you are going to remember what it was like for you as well.

If you have a story and would like to share it with the show, I will not use anything you do not want me to use. do not worry about that. If you want to tell your story but keep your name out of the mix that is fine, we can us whatever name you would like.

If you would like to get in contact with me and write a letter do it here.

If you would like to email me,

If you would like to Call: 760-440-8131

Tell me your story, I can say for sure that there are other listeners that want to here what happened to you. If it is something of a similar story to mine please share with us, what have you done? What did you do? Did you get caught? Did you escape? Where you ballsy like me? Do you have kids that are going through what we are going through together?

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