Mar 27, 2022
Have you heard about Saboteurs? Learn more by listening to Ana Sánchez on Positive Intelligence
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In this episode we talked about Saboteurs and how to control them through Positive Intelligence, which as a Mental Fitness methodology.

Positive Intelligence is a mental fitness training, in order to gain the ability to be "well" most of the time. This methodology helps us increase the amount of time our mind is working in our favor, instead of against us.

It's a way to handle the life challenges with a positive mindset instead of a negative mindset.

If we are not mentally fit, we are going to handle those challenges from stress, anxiety, disappointment, frustration, shame etc. Whereas, if we are mentally fit, we can life this whole experience in a very different way, being able to have access to peace of mind, to calmness, to curiosity, creativity etc. So, we really have a whole lot of different possibilities.

Shirzad Chamine the creator of Positive Intelligence has discovered that by exercising three main muscles we can really reach peak mental performance, we can increase our happiness and we can have healthier relationships.

The simplicity of the application of the method is great. These three muscles are: 

1. The saboteur interceptor

2. The muscle of the Sage

3. Self-command

Inside of us, there's this battle between a Jedi and Darth Vader. We all have a Darth Vader mind and a Jedi mind. By working these three muscles, we can get to command that power balance between the Jedi mind and the Darth Vader mind. And the Darth Vader in positive intelligence is these saboteurs. It's known that we don't sabotage ourselves in infinite ways. There are 9 ways we tend to sabotage ourselves plus the Judge: 

1. Stickler

2. Pleaser 

3. Hyper achiever

4. Victim 

5. Hyper rational

6. Hyper vigilant

7. Restless

8. Controller 

9. Avoider 

The second muscle is the self-command which is the practice that we do to concentrate our attention for more than 10 seconds in just one physical sensation. From our five senses, we could find the touch, the hearing, the visual or maybe the breathing… it’s concentrating our attention in one of those senses at a time. 

The third muscle is the Sage perspective that says that every outcome or circumstance can be converted into a gift, an opportunity.

And the 5 Sage powers are:

1. Empathy, which is connected to unconditional love.

2. Explore, which is deep curiosity.

3. Innovate, which is the greatest creativity.

4. Navigate, which connects us with a deep sense of meaning.

5. Activate, which is calm and later focus on action.

Emotion is energy in motion. So, by moving your body, you're moving your emotions and that's very powerful.

What we mean by negative emotions is not that they are bad and we don't need them but that we feel bad when we feel them.

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