Apr 23, 2022
Bad Priestess: Jouissance, Paradox, and Malefic Creativity in a New Aeon | Tamaryn
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This week, I have with me Tamaryn, musician, witch, perpetual student of the cosmos, and owner of the store 'Major Arcana' in Half Moon Bay, California. This episode is a powerful expression of creativity, passion, and shadow work. As Saturnine witches, we tackle these subjects as they must be truly seen, beyond masks of virtue and bound instead by an intentional acknowledgment of the All-Being as paradoxical in nature. Tamaryn and I discuss all of this and more through a Thelemic, psychoanalytical, and astrological lens. From Jacques Lacan to Kenneth Grant. From Nico symbolically consuming Marc Almond's soul through song, to the groundbreaking work of Amodali. Above all, with a particular reverence for all of the publicly unknown priestesses and magicians on their own personal esoteric path toward embodiment of these currents that collectively act as the rising tide of a new aeon. What does it mean to follow one's True Will? How might we consume our demons to integrate shadow and flesh? How might we best become channels of communion between Heaven and Earth. I adored this conversation with a dear friend, and I hope you all find it as inspiring and enlightening as I did.

As a bonus for this episode, and to support the show, Tamaryn personally created a mix of songs meant to carry the emotions of her message, complete with a discussion on why each song was chosen. To hear the mix, along with Tamaryn's commentary, please consider signing up for the Patreon at,

To follow Tamaryn and her work, please check out her instagram @tamarynmusic and her music page here. To view her store Major Arcana, and purchase her homemade magical wears, please visit the shop's website,

To find more on SaturnVox, check out their instagram and twitter @saturnvox or visit their website

Original music by Jules M. Dooley, traditional astrologer and sound artist. Follow his experiments with astrology + sound + ai visuals on IG: @glitches_in_the_night_sky


When God Had a Wife by by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince

Grant Morrison Disinfo Con Lecture

The Typhonian Trilogies by Kenneth Grant

Undertorah: An Earth-Based Kabbalah of Dreams by Jill Hammer

Amodali and Mother Destruction

Seeing Symbols Tarot Class with McCalla Ann of SaturnVox through the Cauldron Black

The Orphic Hymn to Hekatê, Annotated Translation by Adam Forrest

Andrew Chumbley’s Invocation of I, performed by Zane Lazos

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