May 21, 2022
As Above, So Below - On; Queerness and Kabbalah | Cooper Kaminsky
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This week I am welcoming folk witch and devotee to Babalon, Cooper Kaminsky. I have been dying to have a chat about Queerness in Kabbalah for some time now, and there really was no better person to ask than a non-binary Jewish witch if you ask me! Cooper gives us their insight into the intersection between the queer and Jewish experience, wisdom on both Babalon and the Shekinah, and we even find time to discuss what it means to embody the Middle Pillar along the Tree of Life. In true Mercurial fashion, Cooper's work as a Jewish practitioner and as a Babalon devotee has given them a perspective concerning issues between Jewish Mysticism and Thelema which might bridge the gaps left to rot between the two, founded in a message on the importance of remembering the roots of the practices we have changed and carried forward into the New Age of Western Esotericism. This episode touched on so many things that are immensely dear to my heart, and Cooper has such a wealth of wisdom both lived and gathered. The content of this episode is so important for Occulture at large in my opinion, and I am beyond delighted to share it with you now. It is truly an episode not to be missed.  

To follow Cooper and their work, please check out their website, where you can book intuitive readings and find information on all of Cooper’s other content. Please also check out their instagram @cooperkaminsky, and their December class on Jewish Folk Magic here.

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Original music by Jules M. Dooley, traditional astrologer and sound artist. Follow his experiments with astrology + sound + ai visuals on IG: @glitches_in_the_night_sky


The Eloquent Blood by Dr. Manon White

Justin Sledge’s Esoterica Youtube Channel and his series on Jewish Mysticism

A Return to Eros: The Radical Experience of Being Fully Alive by Marc Gafni and Kristina Kincaid

Song of Myself, 51 by Walt Whitman 

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