Lee W Johnson
Lee W Johnson
May 20, 2022
Defining God and Satan
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Partial transcript (read at https://leewjohnson.com/defining-god-and-satan/)

I would like to talk about God and Satan.

Rather controversial topic and I think everybody has their own interpretation of what God and Satan are, depending on who you talk to and their background.

Because of this channel and the topics I speak about and because I’m a Daemonolater I think it’s quite important to get an understanding of what I personally mean when I talk about God and Satan.

I find it funny because whenever somebody asks me the question of who is the highest being, who is the top dog sort of thing, who is the biggest Daemon, I would say God and it gets a rather interesting reaction most of the time.

Let’s start with Satan.

Satan is the Adversary.

When it comes to Satan, again, everybody is going to have a ...

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