Lee W Johnson
Lee W Johnson
Dec 2, 2021
How to Forget Your Sigil & the #1 Reason It Didn't Work
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Partial transcript (read at https://leewjohnson.com/how-to-forget-your-sigil-the-1-reason-it-didnt-work/)

So you’ve created a sigil and you have activated it, but what do you do with it now?

This has become a bit of a contention, especially with new people to Chaos Magic and sigil magick.

And it’s something that definitely requires a bit more explanation regarding how everything works and how it all happens.

So this is probably going to be the most important video of the whole sigil magick series that I will create here.

The usual instructions are to destroy the sigil and forget about it. A lot of people find this very confusing and difficult to do, because how do you forget the sigil?

There is one method where you can actually create a bunch of sigils, put them away for a couple of weeks and keep going back to them and checking to see if you actually remember what the sigil represented.  When you don’t remember the representation of the desire, then you...

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