I'm Back! The Goddess Reset & the Season of Transformation! (Solo EP)
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A Feminine Impression
A Feminine Impression
Dr. Michelle Daf
How To Become A Softer Feminine Woman|| Mind + Spirit || FEMININE REHAB || Session 4
Good Morning Gorgeous! Welcome to session 4 of “Feminine Rehab”. In today’s session we discuss how to become softer as a feminine woman in mind and spirit. I also include a prayer at the end of the episode.  I hope this resonates with you and helps you to be excited to develop your relationship with Christ. Enjoy my loves! PLEASE SHARE this episode with another woman to uplift her and to support my ministry. Visit My Youtube channel to watch the video version of this episode: https://youtu.be/CnEhCAJSrFg A Feminine Impression Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/afeminineimpression/?hl=en Leave Me A "Message" and I will play and answer your question for my Q+A Podcasts : https://anchor.fm/drmichelle Butterfly Mail: deardoctormichelle@gmail.com Business Inquiries: DrMichelle.Partnership@gmail.com Visit the blog on the fruit of the Spirit here: https://shereadstruth.com/plans/the-fruit-of-the-spirit/ Check out my favorite book on the Fruit of the Spirit here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1400209145/?ref=idea_lv_dp_ov_d&tag=onamzdr.miche-20&linkCode=ic6&ascsubtag=amzn1.ideas.3T8Z0R0O5HH9Q *If you would like to support me on this podcast you may donate by clicking the "SUPPORT" icon. Thank you for all of your love and kindness. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/drmichelle/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/drmichelle/support
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No More Excuses: Monday Motivation podcast
No More Excuses: Monday Motivation podcast
Sandi Ballard, The BADA$$ Business Coach!
Podcast #256: Resistance is Futile
HAPPY MONDAY MOTIVATION Welcome back to the weekly podcast, No More Excuses. Thank you for listening and sharing the podcasts and connecting with me on social media. Yes, we’re two months into 2021, two-thirds of the way through the first quarter. What have you been working on? What have you accomplished? What haven’t you made progress on? What’s getting in the way – which means… what are you ALLOWING? AVOIDING? Or more like RESISTING? WHY? In the last few podcasts, I have talked about avoiding, as well as have been about doing what you LOVE and having FUN! And if that’s the case, then you should be at least making progress, and most definitely shouldn’t be avoiding or resisting things… right? Well, not always! It’s been interesting as I’ve had some conversations with clients recently – both male and female about all of this and why they were having challenges committing to some things they “said” they were going to do. Interestingly enough, both told me stories from their childhood that has stuck with them that now is attached to certain words, and those words are what they need to do to help them. What words do you ask? You'll have to listen in to find out! Plus, I talk about what one client remembered she has done in the past, and what we are working on the help them eliminate the resistance so they can move forward! If you're not making progress, and resisting something, you need to dig deeper into identifying WHY. Because if you aren't willing to understand why and overcome things, you're holding yourself back from REALIZING your BADASSNESS! And my whole existence is to help YOU realize your BADASSNESS, so you can Do more. BE More. So you can ACHIEVE MORE! Have a great week, and please contact me NOW if you don't understand why you haven't made progress, or don't know how to overcome the resistance you have towards something! Cheers! Sandi
13 min
And She Rises…
And She Rises…
Amanda Frances
Feel the energy and intention and power of these words as you listen: I am worthy. I am good enough. Money loves me. I am meant to be supported. I am meant to be taken and care of. I am allowed to have a good life. I welcome now an experience where things become easier for me. Money is consistent, supportive, and reliable in my life. My debt is eliminated My bank accounts are overflowing with money I felt great about receiving I allow money in. I invite easier, natural, more fluid, intentional and purposeful relationship with money. The life of the wealthy woman is available to me. It's who I am how, it's how I be, and it's what I choose to receive. It's meant for me. I step into it more and more. I am okay. I am on my way. I am destined for full and complete greatness. Ready to move into the experience of feeling supported by money? Ready to heal past money wounds? Ready to forgive past money mistakes? Ready to step further into all your are meant to be when it comes to earning, attracting, generating, receiving, investing, saving, and having more money ? Ready to redefine, rearrange, and recommit to how money works in your life? Ready to feel fucking good when it comes to your financial life? Money Mentality Makeover is open for enrollment. MMM is special. It's sacred. It's unique. It was built over six year to create a full, complete, robust program designed to support you in creating the experiences with money that you desire. You can have a loving, healthy, and supportive relationship with money. And the time is now. Success stories + payment options + all the details: http://amandafrances.com/money There are over 100 testimonials available on the enrollment page help you decide if this course is right for you. Check them out. See you inside! I can’t wait to see what you do with this content. I love you. ♥️
5 min
The Bliss Bean Show
The Bliss Bean Show
Beatrice Naujalyte
018 | Let's Chat About Mental Health & What's Been Working For Me Lately
Anyone else hitting the "pandemic wall"? A few things (okay, one MAIN thing) have been helping me to get through it, and I wanted to record a solo episode to talk about the strategies that have been super effective for me lately and give you some ideas for things you can implement yourself. I talked about: * how I’ve been doing & feeling (2:02) * having a difficult conversation with my dad (6:40) * how having an accountability buddy has changed the game for me (13:00) * “breaking up” with my therapist (20:22) * how YouTube has been impacting my mental health (22:22) * my top 3 cognitive distortions (27:04) * my results on the dysfunctional attitudes scale (30:01) To find links to everything we mentioned, and to sign up for weekly podcast shownotes in your inbox, click here. If you’d like to contribute a comment, question, or suggestion, send me an email or audio file/voice note over at hello@theblissbean.com. ⭑ SUPPORT THE SHOW ⭑ * If you’ve found value in the podcast, please consider leaving a tip! It helps me to continue producing episodes and sharing conversations with cool people, and I really appreciate it. https://tips.pinecast.com/jar/the-bliss-bean * You can also help out by leaving a review on iTunes! It means the world to me :) https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-bliss-bean-show/id1533921702 ⭑ CONNECT WITH ME ⭑ Website | www.theblissbean.com YouTube | The Bliss Bean Instagram | @theblissbean ⭑ OTHER ⭑ Music from Epidemic Sound. Try a 30-day free trial of music for your content: http://share.epidemicsound.com/theblissbean
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CLAIMED — Feminine/Masculine Polarity. Femininity. Embodiment.
CLAIMED — Feminine/Masculine Polarity. Femininity. Embodiment.
Anna Rova: Interviews & content with inspiring women on femininity, polarit
#189: Where Dance-Induced Orgasm Meets Neuroscience with Holly Wodetzki
Holly Wodetzki is the founder of women's devotional erotic dance modality, Shiva Shakti Dance, and principle teacher of the Sensual Embodied Dance™ Facilitator Training. She's spent the last decade dedicated to practicing, teaching, cultivating and refining unique embodiment practices for women that use movement and sensual dance to drop into deeper levels of pleasure and presence, and unravel decades of social programming, baggage, and suffering. Holly wants every woman to have access to the innate beauty, power and wisdom in their bodies and feel connected and confident to fully express this aliveness flowing through them. Holly discusses her philosophy in facilitating and teaching embodiment practices such as sensual dance. She describes the advantages to practicing embodiment in group and individual settings, illustrating how embodiment helps women with attraction, relationships, communication and work-life balance. Holly discusses her exploration of the interaction between embodiment practices such as sensual dance and neuroscience. She describes the biological and neurological processes through the lens of masculine-feminine polarity. "As you explore the difference between men and women's brains and that we have different abilities and gifts that just because there's a biology there that you can't actualize yourself in a different way to what your biology dictates. Just because you might have an innate joy and skill and pleasure at nurturing doesn't mean you can't be an amazing woman in your work domain or the CEO of a company or a great leader in a boardroom of men." Join us for a powerful discussion about the neuroscience behind feminine and masculine polarity, feminine embodiment, and how it helps women with work-life balance, polarity in relationships, and finding fulfillment. Here are the details of this episode: * Women's unique challenges in balancing relationship polarity, family and work * Working with cycles of feminine flowing and feeling and masculine action and production to achieve greater fulfillment * The flavors of embodiment practices that allow women to get in touch with their bodies, their desires and their true selves * The synergistic benefits of communal and individual embodiment * Holly's approach to facilitating and training in sensual embodied dance and Shiva Shakti dance * The biological and neurochemical processes underlying feminine-masculine polarit. * And a lot more... Links * Sensual Embodied Dance * Shiva Shakti Dance Tools & Resources Mentioned People/Blogs to Follow * Dr. Sarah McKay Recommended Books * The Wild Woman's Way by Michaela Boehm. "In The Wild Woman’s Way, Michaela Boehm shares practical rituals and exercises drawn from years of experience as a celebrity relationship and life counselor and an expert in tantric yoga. She reveals the power of different types of touch, while also training you in forms of meditation and stretching that increase activity and sensual pleasure. Soon, you will learn to switch effortlessly between the aggressive 'go-mode' required to compete successfully at work, and the feminine “flow-mode” of softness and receptivity. By harnessing the duality of the Wild Woman, you will attract and inspire meaningful relationships with romantic partners, your own body, and with life itself." * The Women's Brain Book by Dr. Sarah McKay. "As women, understanding how our minds and brains are shaped and sculpted by a wide variety of factors — including genes and hormones, life experiences, society and culture, thoughts, feelings and personal beliefs. Learn exactly what happens inside our brains and bodies as we move through all of the important phases of our lives and the unique — and often misunderstood — effects of female biology and hormones." P.S. Sign up for the free, exclusive training from me on How to Start Attracting Committed Masculine Men By Releasing Control & Letting Him Lead to find out: * The #1 reason successful women are still single and can’t attract a committed masculine man (hint: it’s not what you think) * How to break through the patterns of attracting unavailable or feminine men and find your blind spot so you start attracting the men you want * How to master the art of feminine/masculine polarity so you start feeling taken care of, claimed and finally be able to let go of control * How to get out of the “get the guy” mindset and instead move into your full feminine self and have the guy get you * Uncover The Lie of Female Success that’s keeping you stuck, exhausted and unfulfilled (in masculine energy all the time) so you can start living in freedom & joy * And much more… Sign up at girlskill.com/webinar
1 hr 25 min
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