Episode 6: Problem Solving with Daniela Adams
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Problem solving is a necessary skill to success.  It's one that we all do.  But are we good at it, and are we doing it the most efficiently and effectively?  In today's episode, my guest and I go deep into what problem solving is, how you do it, and how it contributes to overall success.  My guest is someone who is an expert in problem solving.  She does it constantly in her own life and has mastered this skill.  It is one of her strengths, and today she shares what she knows about problem solving to let us take our success to the next level.  Not only does she talk about problem solving, but she gives multiple examples of how she has applied problem solving to her own life.  This practical application will give you a better understanding of how to actually apply the concepts of problem solving you will learn about.

My guest on today's episode is Daniela Adams.  Daniela is the voice of PM Title, where she processes, closes loans, problem solves, and manages the office in Grove City, Ohio.  She started helping to build PM Title while in college at Ohio State University, where she was studying human nutrition and exercise science.  In the early years, Daniela was knocking on doors and making cold calls while connecting to people with her homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Now, she is a leader, motivator, mentor, problem-solver, 10x-er, and volunteer for Project Memories (a non-profit organization). She has a multitude of skills, among them attention to detail, organization, and ability to reprioritize to meet requests.  Daniela is dedicated to her team, customers, and clients.  

Daniela goes deep in today's episode, talking about how her own problem-solving skills have evolved, the steps involved in problem solving, why staying calm is important to problem solving, how problem solving applies to various areas of life, and what problem solving does for your success and your life.  Her stories are motivational, and her work ethic, drive, and ambition shine through when she speaks.  


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