[RE-BROADCAST] WTF is Intensive Focus?! + Why You (Still) Need it as a Multi-Passionate
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Of all of the previous episodes of Multi-Passionate Mastery, this is the episode that I reference the most, so we're airing it again!

Learning about Intensive Focus is SUCH a game changer for multi-passionates, and once you tune into this episode, you'll understand why.

While you wait for season 3 to start, let's take a journey back to EPISODE 3 together!

⏪ ⏪ ⏪

It's time to accept that focus is more than sitting down and concentrating on one task. Today I'll introduce you to the first part of my 3-part Focus Framework: Intensive Focus.

It's the big-picture, clarity-providing, magical type of Focus that you need as a multi-passionate.

We'll cover:

  • What Intensive Focus is
  • How to have an Intensive Focus Session to gain massive clarity
  • Why Intensive Focus is something every multi-passionate "needs" 


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