42. Is 3D Printing Here for Good with Michael Pecota
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In this episode, Brock talks with Michael Pecota.

Mike is former aviation at the squadron level and now works for NAVAIR doing additive manufacturing. We talk about how proximity to the mission impacts the lives of people in a unit. We compare and contrast sea duty and shore duty and how being more involved with the mission day to day tends to strip away a lot of the unnecessary actions have units with more time than duties. Mike gives a unique take on why the Navy has such a hard time promoting junior people that speak up. He has a drastic proposed solution that involves getting rid of the chiefs mess entirely. And lastly, we talk about Michael's area of expertise additive manufacturing. He talks through how 3d printing is playing out in today's military and what needs to happen to see wide scale adoption.

You can reach out to Michael on LinkedIn.



America Makes


  • 01:56 - Hearing about Michael’s date and talking breakfast rice on the ship
  • 04:51 - Joining the Navy as an ATO and an A school mishap
  • 10:29 - A changing navy starting at Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
  • 15:42 - How proximity to the mission alters a unit
  • 26:56 - Why nobody speaks up in the Navy and addressing ‘the frozen middle’
  • 37:31 - The nail in the coffin on getting out of the Navy
  • 43:41 - What has given Mike the confidence that getting out was the right decision
  • 50:10 - Joining the innovation team as a lead in to a job at NAVAIR
  • 59:15 - What is additive manufacturing?
  • 01:07:56 - What is holding 3D printing back from wide scale adoption
  • 01:12:22 - 3D printing in the Navy
  • 01:17:11 - How 3D printing impacts defense primes and OEMs
  • 01:27:25 - Who is hurt by 3D printing today
  • 01:31:04 - Places for further study

The Scuttlebutt Podcast features discussions on lifestyle, careers, business, and resources for service members. Show host, Brock Briggs, talks with a special guest from the community committed to helping military members build a successful life, inside and outside the service.

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