Jan 31, 2022
The Future of AR: From a Technical, Impact and Social Aspect
Play • 53 min

Luke Hurd 

Firefighting. It’s a dangerous job. Firefighters walk blindly into burning buildings without being aware of the full danger of the situation until it’s too late.   

Technologies like augmented and virtual reality offer the potential to revolutionize industries like firefighting and first responders.   

In this episode of the Luminexus podcast, we talk with AR specialist Luke Hurd, about these practical problems that AR/VR can help address. Luke shares the example of firefighting - having AR/VR glasses to spatially map out the situation of the house and design a safe route for the firefighter to follow, as well as alerting the firefighter of danger zones to avoid.   

We discuss the future of augmented reality, from a technical aspect (what needs to change to get AR to the point where it can solve big problems), an impact aspect (big problems AR can solve if the technical problems are addressed) and a social impact (how AR will disrupt societies and why we should design societies to include an accommodate for AR).

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