#9 Strategies to Help Improve Executive Function Skills
Play • 53 min

In this episode, we discuss 12 strategies that can be used to improve executive functions. We organized the discussion under four main headings:

Routines and Approaches:

  1. Maintaining a structured daily routine
  2. Using planners and PDAs
  3. Developing study skills and strategies (spaced repetition, memory strategies, developing working memory, doing one task at a time to completion)
  4. Eating a healthy diet (fish oil, colorful veggies, berries, tea/coffee, walnuts, fermented foods, dark chocolate)

Cognition and Metacognition:

  1. Thinking aloud
  2. Interactive games
  3. Cognitive remedial therapy: Developing and strengthening the core cognitive skills
  4. Brain exercises


  1. Routine exercise
  2. Martial arts
  3. Music training


  1. meditation and breathwork 


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