#31: Goal setting and Executive Functioning
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In this episode, Darius and Erica discuss the relationship between goals to executive functioning and how to make and execute them.

We all know the importance of setting goals, but it would be intriguing and meaningful to see how our EF skills can help us or hinder us in making or achieving goals.

Working Memory

How can working memory affect goal setting?

  • Darius’ little notes every morning on his goals for reminders
  • ‘50 first dates’ movie about having amnesia.

About remembering everything that’s important

  • Identify
  • Clarify
  • Remember

Conscious decision to remind yourself

  • visual blinkers
  • verbal blinkers

How to make a goal

  • Breaking goals into micro or mini goals
  •    - Manage little chunks
  •    - Not get used to adrenaline boost of the last minute (like an addiction)
  •    - The drama triangle
  • Writing goals in the past tense
  •    - Vision boards
  • Making goal visual/spatial
  •    - Feel what it feels like to achieve your goals
  •    - Create a map
  •      - Establishes pathway
  •      - Routemap of success
  • Use Ai or social media - algorithms to help us change our focus visually and verbally
  •    - Social media algorithm that you can choose to work with us.

The drama triangle- three actors

  • Victim
  • Rescuer
  • Persecutor

Step out of the drama triangle

How does Darius make a goal:

The power of writing goals in the past tense


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