Jun 22, 2020
Ep.15 Delivering Flawless Digital Experiences with Jeena James, VP of Developer Products and Platforms at HeadSpin
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Hey Jeena - let’s kick off today with a little bit about you and your background actively mentoring and coaching working professionals and startup founders along with being a member of the Expat Women’s community in CA. Let’s transition to your work experience at Google (over 13+ years), and making the jump to HeadSpin + tell the story of how HeadSpin got its name. 1. Let’s talk about the importance of delivering flawless digital experiences across all channels. I think this is a massive gap in the marketplace today for a large number of companies. What I gleaned from HeadSpin's CEO is that the platform's goal is to unify business, development, DevOps, and product teams to deliver high-quality, innovative digital experiences across web, mobile, and 5G. Talk about some use cases and examples the audience can take away right now. 2. In our podcast intro call, you mentioned a phrase, "if your app/web/game that can be connected, it can be tested." With more data than ever before, captured by companies, how does HeadSpin help those companies benchmark against its competition?   3. Quick follow up on digital experiences. What are some traits of companies that are leading digital experiences very well? 4. How HAPI is your app? The mobile industry’s first-ever application performance index for benchmarking the relative latency of leading apps in a given category. For our inaugural report, the capability was showcased in prototype for digital experience leaders for contactless shopping, restaurant delivery, and food delivery apps in the US. Talk about the HAPI index and the benchmarking process. 5. Let's chat about Headspin's peer comparisons - Grocery Apps in the US. Headspin examined how Target, Costco, and Instacart apps compared to their peers. Why is it important to provide a seamless user experience throughout the user journey? 60 Seconds TechTables 1. Favorite mentoring moment? 2. Favorite Netflix show? 3. Top 3 cities you love around the globe?
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