The CEO's Laundry
The CEO's Laundry
Feb 17, 2022
How to Use Imagination & Visualization to Grow Your Startup | Rashik Hoque, CEO of Onethread | #004
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Welcome to the first coaching podcast for CEOs. In this episode, I coach Rashik Hoque, the CEO of Onethread.

Rashik lives in Bangladesh, where he is currently building Onehtread.

As a business founder at the earliest stages of the company, his mind is focused on the day-to-day practicality and operations of the business.  

Doing so, he is focused on rationality, and he sees himself as someone rational too. His cultural environment also encourages him to have more of a rational than a creative mind.

During our conversation, I invite him to see how creative he is, how much he makes use of his imagination and how much that helps him be a brilliant entrepreneur, despite being rational at the same time.

And not only do we explore this side of him, but I also challenge him to use his imagination and visualization to grow his business toward his brightest dreams.

To better understand the coaching session, I advise you to watch the entire episode.

Here is an overview:

🔹00:00 Introduction

🔹03:14 You don't need clarity and confidence

🔹07:37 Coaching Rashik on imagination and creativity

🔹16:31 Coaching Rashik on the power of visualization

🔹23:29 A challenge on visualization

🔹29:58 Trying VS committing

🔹31:35 Rashik's takeaways


Onethread is a solution that helps you do more in less time by managing tasks, files & communication in the simplest way.

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