The CEO's Laundry
The CEO's Laundry
Feb 24, 2022
Change Yourself to Change The World | Joanna Picetti, CEO of JP.Network
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Welcome to the first coaching podcast for CEOs. In this episode, I coach Joanna Picetti, the CEO of JP.Network.


Joanna is driven by a futuristic and bold vision: making people of Earth global citizens of Earth (going beyond our current national citizenships) by using blockchain technology.

At the beginning of our session, Joanna expresses her emotional side. Her passion and mission are so fully alive that they show up through tears.  

As we're going through our session, my responsibility is to refocus on her, not her problem/challenge. I'm working on making her open herself to inner change. But as the discussion goes through, she expresses her reluctance to do so.

At the end, Joanna expresses to me her resentment toward my coaching, which I'm open to. I'm used to that as a coach: CEOs not being willing to be challenged as much as they thought they would. 

And as our time together comes to an end, a beautiful insight emerges that has already started to change her life (watch until the last minute to get it).

To better understand the coaching session, I advise you to watch the entire episode.

Here is an overview:

🔹00:00 Introduction

🔹04:40 Joanna's main challenge

🔹06:30 Coaching Joanna on her emotional support

🔹11:29 Coaching Joanna on changing herself to change the world

🔹18:48 A visualization exercise about the future

🔹26:15 My takeaway from this session

🔹33:10 Joanna's life-changing insight

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