Let's Talk About Companies Investing In Blockchain and Crypto | Episode 18 Fort Brox Podcast
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The signal we have long paid the most attention to is Adoption.

We discuss some of the companies investing in Blockchain and Crypto.

Not just money, but a lot of time has been spent. This is not an accident and indicates a long future for the tech, in our opinion.

For our full list of follow-ups and sources mentioned in this episode, please see our show notes at  https://www.cryptopodcast.xyz/episode/lets-talk-about-companies-investing-in-blockchain-and-crypto-episode-18-fort-brox-podcast




(00:00:00) Intro Song

(00:00:21) Introduction

(00:03:07) Disclosures

(00:03:28) Merge banter

(00:04:45) Companies investing in blockchain and crypto lead-in

(00:06:14) Understanding motivations

(00:09:23) Adobe

(00:13:48) List of companies

(00:18:37) JP Morgan

(00:19:55) Understanding context

(00:22:19) Fidelity

(00:23:26) Adoption signal and questions about decentralization

(00:27:53) Disney

(00:29:23) The long road ahead, potentially 

(00:33:17) The sheer volume of companies and VCs

(00:34:18) Time not just money is being spent

(00:34:35) Innovation takes time and challenges

(00:36:58) What would you do with 1 Billion dollars

(00:38:15) Gaming in blockchain and crypto

(00:40:28) Security, privacy, and accountability 

(00:44:04) Intermediaries and more

(00:45:11) Back to adoption

(00:47:56) In closing


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🔥 Host Neil Alonzo and Brandon Heath


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