One World in a New World with Arnaud Saint-Paul - Author, Harmonist, Philanthropist
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One World in a New World with Arnaud Saint-Paul - Author, Harmonist, Philanthropist

Diving into the question of when he first found his inner connection, Arnaud responds that he must have retained some of his consciousness prior to coming into this world. Peering a bit deeper, he shares that consciousness is, it is all that is around us and in us at the same time. It is undefined and limitless and then it becomes the 'I.'

He goes further into a deeper concept that echoes ancient philosophies, and you'll garner insights in listening to how Arnaud unpacks his understanding for us. Then he returns to sharing his first awareness of the question, "Who am I?' at 13 and his initial dive internally and then into various texts.

"How is it to live from the heart, instead of the mind?" became one of his deep queries. His iteration of the process is worth a listen. You won't want to miss out on the marvel that awaits.

Zen sets Arnaud up by introducing various models of consciousness and how they seem to correlate a multidimensional reality, then asks about making it all practical. He shares his experience of the practical aspects of living from the heart and also having a good life, by example.

Getting down to the nitty gritty and applying this awareness within a group or organization, Arnaud shares how a group of 60 change-makers took a trip down the Nile with the purpose harmony and coherence to the group. Individuals and the group indeed grew toward coherence. He shares how it happened, issues that came up and methods used to set it up and facilitate coherence.

You'll want to listen in to the project that was the center of the effort toward coherence. The 'pitch' was for $6 million in funding to begin a revolutionary IOT. You'll be awe struck at what really happened, which may offer insights for your own life-changing endeavors.

He shares, after being asked how we may garner understanding, that it's not about understanding necessarily. It's about being guided from within and trusting the process. There's plenty more tasty tidbits as we continue that deserve your attention, too. Enjoy the journey.

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