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The Tippy Top
Dec 12, 2021
1.8. David Dixon on start-up leadership, success and the future!
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This week we're delighted to be joined by David Dixon, our first digital business growth coach and NED. You'll come to know David as a true tech visionary and one of the nicest people you'll meet.

This episode has some really profound predictions for the future and how you should prepare!

Three main topics and key learnings:

1.  Leadership is core to scaling:

1.1. You need to find a commercial gap. Tech is merely an enabler. Do the world need your product/service?

1.2. Leadership is about making decisions. Both decisions you make and those that others are empowered to make.

1.3. You need a north star. What are you aiming for?

1.4. Be aware of the power of culture. Culture is everything #peterdrucker

1.5. The UK needs to get better at empowering leaders. The US culture creates a better conditions for start-ups to succeed.

2. Why some ideas fail and some succeed:

2.1. There is definitely an element of luck.

2.2. Hire people better than you and then let go. Easier said than done of course.

2.3. Focus on current customer need but give space for the future.

3. Futurism. Winding back to 1995 and fast forward to 2050:

3.1. The future will still be people-led. Creativity is a very unique skill that isn't easy for machines to replicate.

3.2. To stay relevant, entrepreneurs need to treat everyday life like it's a start-up. 12-month forecasts are thing of the past.

3.3. We'll see 25 years progress in the next 10 years.

Keep tuning in for more exclusive content all carefully curated to help entrepreneurs succeed.

See you next week,

Alex @thetippytopblog

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