The Tippy Top
The Tippy Top
Nov 7, 2021
1.3. Lucy Rands on navigating venture capital and helping the planet
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Not all VCs are created equal. Rather aptly in the midst of Cop26, this week we're thrilled to be joined by Lucy Rands from ETF Partners. Lucy's passionate for helping entrepreneurs and the planet really shines through. Lucy also shared some incredible insights about everything from pitch decks to the climate crisis and how we need to be part of the solution.

3 main topics and learnings:

1. Mistakes

1.1. Firstly good investors know that the journey as an entrepreneur is incredibly tough so know that there's a great deal of respect and admiration for what you do.

1.2 The best way to be successful is to stay focused and tell one story.

1.3. Also, spend time understanding yourself, then seek appropriate training or hire for other gaps.

2. Series A

2.1. The investor and entrepreneur relationship is often described as a marriage. It is. The main difference being that it's harder to get divorced in a start-up!

2.2. To attract Series A investors, you need to demonstrate that there is strong market pull for your offering. There are no hard rules though.

2.3. Be mindful about valuations at Seed, the biggest number isn't always the best.

3. Climate Tech

3.1. It is the trillion pound opportunity of our lifetime.

3.2. More entrepreneurs, more innovation and more growth is needed. Get involved.

3.3. Everyone needs to play their part in reversing climate change. We can't simply ask government to sort it.

Enjoy the show,

Alex @thetippytopblog

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