Jul 19, 2021
S01E01 - This is Echo speaking
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Echo has just about had it with the Olympus Records and everyone involved in it. She is about to spill the tea - and being Zeus assistant, she has a lot of it.

Echobox is a fictional retelling of ancient Greek myths. There are countless versions of these stories, with just as many cultural and linguistic nuances. For the sake of storytelling and adaptation, we’ve taken creative liberties and added our own flair to many of the stories. The stories and characters of Echobox are by no means the only versions nor should they be taken as the ‘correct’ ones. Neither should they be taken as an accurate representation of who these deities were and are to their worshippers. Thank you for your help in remaining respectful to deities and practitioners!

Today’s episode features content warnings for mentions of drug abuse, parental abuse and sexualization of minors. 

Echobox is written and produced by the Echobox Podcast Team. This episode stars, in order of appearance, Isabella Sales as Alex/Echo. It was written by Isabella Sales. Audio and sound design by Corienne Swanson and Marianna Marcon. Logo design by Lucas Eduardo Bueno and website by Andy Cerdan. 

Transcripts for this episode and others can be found on our website by transcriber Maxwell Caetano. Our website also has additional in-universe content and ways to get in contact with us. Visit to check them out.


Ethernight Club and Magic Scout Cottages  Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Echobox is created out of love for storytelling and provided at no profit to us. Your feedback is our reward! Reach out on our website or find us as echoboxpod across social media. 

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