Fauci Needs To Know His Role ...
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Dr. Anthony Fauci is at it again, wanting people to cancel holiday celebrations.  This time he's taking aim at New Years parties because hospitals are obviously overrun with unvaccinated people dying from the most dangerous virus ever.  

Pfizer has a new Covid pill and we're already hearing the dangers of the new prescription drug.  Where were these dangers with the vaccine?  What are the potential dangers?  The first ad for the new drug has already been put together, and you can hear it here exclusively.  

Huma Abedin, you remember her as Hillary Clinton's lackey who was married to that Weiner guy, is out in the media peddling her new book.  She wants you to know how hard life has been for her.  Do you feel any sympathy for her?  I know I sure don't.  Catch all the details here.

After months of flying under the radar, despite his name becoming famous, or infamous depending on who you are, Talladega race winner Brandon Brown says corporations don’t want to sponsor him.  I have the perfect solution.

The mainstream media missed the BIGGEST takeaway from the now viral Christmas Eve call with the Bidens and a dad from Oregon, and I'll explain what I mean.

Finally, RIP John Madden, and I guess Harry Reid too.

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