It's Not All Bad
It's Not All Bad
18 Dec 2021
Are You Hungry? Maybe Not, But Others Are!
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Images of people, especially children, in hunger is disturbing sad, and appears perpetual.  Although there are millions of hungry and often times starving populations the world over, there are hundreds of thousands of concerned and active people working diligently to alleviate this plague of hunger and starvation.  And, yes, there are commercial and even some wealthy individuals and organizations doing their part to end this problem.

By the way, there may be those who believe there's just not enough food being produced to feed everyone on our planet.  Well, studies from the UN, non-governmental organizations, educational and research institutions, and non-profits have confirmed there is plenty of food to alleviate hunger.  Unfortunately, waste, overconsumption, consumer demand for certain food products, and global warming all contribute to this human-influence conditions.

I share some thoughts and statistics about the world hunger issue, and it's not just hunger associated with underdeveloped and less developed countries.  Countries with developed economic, social, and food production systems also have food insecure populations.  One point is certain, all of us can do our small and sometimes significant parts to alleviate this problem.  We must avoid the knee-jerk reaction and trap that assumes those who are chronically hungry and malnourished is entirely their fault.  We also must avoid the rabbit hole of believing that if the hungry would just stop having children.  Should the economically middle-class and upper income people stop having children to reduce wasteful food consumption who often will discard food the minute it reaches the, "Best Used/Consumed By" date?  Of course not.

No.  We don't have to put off addressing food insecurity and hunger for some future decade because the world already produces enough food now to feed the worlds population.  Unfortunately, by one United Nation's study, food production to table results in over 1 billion tons of food waste each year.

All of us who are fortunate to have plentiful and nutritious food for daily meals, we can do our part in buying what we need for consumption not to excess, consider purchasing products that are produced sustainably and ethically, and not wasting perfectly edible products.

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