YETI! Part II: 2 Snowy, 2 Abominable
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On December 7th 1951, a shocking photograph hit the front page of British newspapers. Taken half a world away, high on a glacier in the Himalayas, the image showed a footprint that defied belief. Huge, human-like, with round defined toes and an ice-axe next to it for scale. This footprint would propel the mysterious Yeti from mountaineering folklore into potential scientific reality.

From our last episode, we know how the myth first appeared in Western consciousness and the role it played in pre-WWII mountaineering. In this, our second and final episode on the history of the Yeti, we explore where our furry friend went from there. Expect dodgy scientific expeditions, Hollywood stars on artefact heists, high-flying Texan oil millionaires, and some adventurers so wild that they may just be Yeti themselves.

Check out our website and find us @themaydaypod on Instagram and Twitter to say hello. Our amazing composer and producer Marlon Grunden can be found at his website

Sources & Further Reading

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