Episode 1: Shedding Pounds With The Power Of Plants With Callum Weir & Graham Henry
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Season 1 - Episode 1 

Graham Henry 

Welcome to the first-ever episode of the Plant Fuelled Podcast with me your host Callum Weir and my first guest of the year Graham Henry. Graham and I delve into his past life, discussing issues of his lifestyle, being constantly on the move and struggles with weight and health. Grahams life started to change when he started to eat like his now-wife Annette who was in the midst of delving into the world of nutrition to reverse her own condition.  The pounds started to drop off, relieving Graham from his medication and old eating habits allowing him to find this the new version of himself. 

The transformation is mindblowing and will leave you wondering if it's even the same person and this is all down to the power of plants.

Graham now follows a completely whole food plant-based diet, in ore of the wonders and powers that the natural world has given us by nature to allow our lives to function and thrive while promoting longevity 

Although following a "vegan" diet, we differentiate the difference between the marketed mainstream vegan diet which can involve the consumption of vegan junk foods, and whole-food plant-based vegan diet which avoids the consumption of vegan junk foods and focuses on plants in the nearest to natural form.

After delving into the world of nutrition, Graham and Annette now run the plant-centred nutrition hub "Henry & Henry" that focuses on giving the world the information, resources and science-backed evidence nutrition that is missing in today's society. over the last year, Henry & Henry has grown and evolved, getting bigger and better as the days go on with amazing opportunities arising such as being affiliated with plant-based health online.

Sit back and enjoy 

Peace and plants 🌱 

Callum Weir 



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If you need help with your 2022 goals on a plant-based diet, whether this is a plant-based transition, plant-based weight loss or muscle gain, plant-based bodybuilding or achieving your athletic endeavours on a plant-based diet then why not visit www.yumfu.life to see how I can help you achieve your goals with a free consultation.

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