Growth Caffeine
Growth Caffeine
Jul 7, 2021
#3: AI and marketing: Is it the new engine of business? With Dawn Allen
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Hey There! Welcome to Growth Caffeine by Pixis

On this podcast, we simplify the role of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and interview guests that share tangible takeaways of how to implement AI successfully. To do this, we speak to some of the world's foremost marketing experts.

On today's episode, we were thrilled to be joined by Dawn Allen, who is a VP of Performance Marketing at MyHealthTeams. MyHealthTeams are a software company that build social networks for people living with Chronic Health Conditions. Her role is to bring in new users to their networks.

In our conversation, Dawn shares a real life use case of Artificial Intelligence's use in Marketing. We discuss exactly how AI helps MyHealthTeams run hundreds of campaigns in parallel, while optimizing their target audiences at the same time. We also dive deep into how they've automated the process of creating graphics for their ads through AI.

If you're at all curious about how AI can be used in Digital Marketing, this is the conversation for you.


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Pixis is a AI-led marketing cloud headquartered in San Francisco. With a robust portfolio of products, Pixis enables brands to perfect their end-to-end marketing efforts using Artificial Intelligence. Learn more about Pixis and our products here

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