Baby in Berlin
Baby in Berlin
May 26, 2023
Insider's Guide: Finding Childcare in Berlin for Expat Parents - an interview with my client Angela
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In this exclusive podcast episode, we have a special guest who knows the challenges and triumphs of finding a Kita in Berlin as an expat parent firsthand. Join us as we sit down with Angela, a fellow expat and parent and client of mine, to hear her personal journey and invaluable insights into navigating the Berlin childcare landscape. Angela took my online course "How to find a Kita in Berlin" in December 2021 and was offered 4 Kita spots before the summer of 2022.

Angela shares her experiences, tips, and advice on finding reliable and suitable childcare options in the bustling city. From understanding the different types of childcare facilities available to deciphering the application processes, she provides a wealth of information that will empower expat parents in their quest for the perfect childcare solution.

As we delve into their firsthand experiences, Angela addresses common concerns, shares success stories, and offers practical strategies for finding quality childcare in Berlin. From bilingual facilities to cultural integration, we discuss the important factors to consider when making this crucial decision for your children.

Whether you're a new expat parent settling in Berlin or have been navigating the city for some time, this podcast episode is a must-listen. Gain valuable insights, learn from someone who has been through the process, and feel inspired and confident in your childcare search.

Tune in to this illuminating conversation with Angela and get ready to embark on a journey of finding the perfect childcare solution for your family in Berlin.

Jump straight to

2:20 Background story of Angela, when she arrived in Germany, had her baby and how she felt about the baby bureaucracy at first

4:10 How much do we know about this ? Do we need to find out more information ? Was everything we heard

5:00 when Angela watched the online course and when she wishes she would have done it

6:50 how Angela found the course to be organized, what she learned through it vs what she learned through friends, what she learned about Kita options

“you won’t find (this advice) on a website”

12:20 how long it took to watch the course and when she effectively started her search

14:40 how much time Angela dedicated to looking for a Kita and how she went about her search

16:40 how many Kitas and Tagesmüttern did Angela apply to

16:50 the timeline when Angela started the search, was offered a spot, and when the baby is starting Kita

18:40 how did Angela keep track of her search, which tools did she use

21:00 the one simple assumption you should not make when looking for a Kita

22:10 what would Angela do differently if she had to do it all over again

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