Baby in Berlin
Baby in Berlin
13 oct. 2023
How to get a residence permit in Germany - interview with Tia Robinson, co-founder of Expath
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This episode is an interview with Tia Robinson, co-founder of Expath to discuss everything you need to know about accessing a visa or a residence permit for Germany. As I am an EU citizen and never had to go through this process, Tia joins me to share her experience not only as a US citizen, but also as the co-founder of Expath, a relocation and language course company based in Berlin.

- What's the difference between a visa and a residence permit?

- What are the requirements to obtain a residence permit in Germany?

- What are the different kinds of residence permit in Germany?

- How long does it take to get a residence permit in Germany?

- Tia's tips to prepare for the worst-case scenario of not getting your residence permit on time to start working

- Should the entire family move together or is it better for one parent / spouse to move first and the rest of the family reunifies afterwards?

- What should freelancers have in mind when applying for a residence permit?

- What kind of savings should you plan to have to obtain a residence permit as a freelancer?

- How can Expath help future immigrants to Germany and when should you get in touch with them to prepare your application?

Contact Expath if you need assistance with your residence permit!

Get in touch with Baby in Berlin if you are moving to Germany as a family and need help with family paperwork!

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