How Salesforce Takes ISVs from Idea to AppExchange in Three Months
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In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Leslie Tom, Senior Vice President at AppExchange Salesforce, conducts a discussion between Mike Kreaden, MD of Salesforce Accelerate, Jason Briggs, Co-Founder of Diffeo (which was acquired by Salesforce in 2019) and Jennifer Mercer, Co-Founder and CEO of Metazoa, a current AppExchange partner.

A multifaceted conversation, the focus is on how Salesforce takes ISVs from concept to AppExchange with Salesforce Accelerate, which aims to help ISVs get to market sooner. The discussion includes:

Salesforce conversation

  • The start of AppExchange and what was then called the Incubator; both launched in 2006. The Incubator was for the purpose of progressing from only a handful of apps to hundreds; two years later Salesforce boasted 800 apps and today, hundreds of thousands of apps. The purpose of the Incubator was to help businesses ultimately build thriving businesses around the AppExchange.
  • In 2016, the Incubator was rebooted into the AppExchange program, and evolved to Salesforce Accelerate.
  • From idea to AppExchange in just three months.
  • The selection process for ISVs in Accelerator.

Diffeo conversation

  • At what stage of the Diffeo product and startup lifecycle did they apply to the program, and how much knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem platform and products did they have at the time, and what Diffeo’s goals were for entering the program.
  • The unconventional way Diffeo raised funds.
  • The resources Diffeo allocated to the Accelerate program.

Metazoa conversation

  • Although Metazoa was already a proven AppExchange partner, what were their goals on entering the program? Since there were around 6,000 apps on AppExchange, getting on the program gave them the opportunity to be relevant and get the exposure they needed.
  • Highlights of the Accelerate program, and how the company is doing today.

Takeaways from Diffeo and Metazoa

  • Program takeaways, benefits of the program, insights and advice for other founders from both Diffeo and Metazoa.

Resources Mentioned:

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