How a Revolution in Partner Tech Is Changing the Whole Game
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On this episode, Bob Moore, Co-Founder and CEO at Crossbeam, a partner ecosystem platform that helps companies build more valuable partnerships, talks about what's really happening with the data that's coming out of the emerging class of software products.

The presentation centers on the modern SaaS innovation cycle:

Step 1: New technology is developed, which leads to Step 2: New data comes out of the new technology, which results in Step 3: New product integrations.

Bob explains the latest dimensions of context and action: traditionally, your CRM silo vs. the new ecosystem CRM, shared pipeline, real-time updates, partner attribution and actionable insights.

He explains how new ecosystems are born. New data for new technologies breeds a new ecosystem and the most important ecosystem of all: the meta-ecosystem. It is made up of all the tools used by partner teams and those they support.

The data is as complex as the opportunity is vast. Bob explains how to solve the problem by hiring experts who can wrangle these systems and drive productive outputs.

This is where partner ops come in. They ultimately make partner data useful, actionable and scalable. They put the data and the playbooks it enables in the hands of the right people, in the right places, at the right times.

Resources Mentioned:

Stitch -

Looker -

Google BigQuery -

Salesforce -

Sigma -

Fivetran - -

Terminus -

Slack -

Partnered -

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