EP23 【成語故事】朝三暮四 【Proverb Story】Three in the morning and four in the evening
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🌿朝三暮四,早上三個晚上四個,這是什麼意思呢? 那我們來聽故事囉~  歡迎來臉書網頁看看故事中既是兔子也是鴨子的圖畫喔~

🌿A story about an old man who raised monkeys back in spring and autumn period. This idiom is used to describe someone who keeps changing their mind.(Full story in English, please check our Facebook page)  Please come to our facebook page for the ambiguous drawing mentioned in the story.

🍄故事改編、配音、後製: 貝貝媽咪

🍄Script writer, voice actor, producer: BeiBei Mommy

📢EP2【成語故事】井底之蛙 重新錄製囉~ 感謝聽友反饋之前的版本莊子秋水篇對小朋友來說有些艱澀,還有女兒跟我說他比較不喜歡我用低沉嚴肅的聲音說故事

📢EP2【Proverb story】The frog living in the bottom of a well. This episode is modified and updated to make it more enjoyable for little ones.Thank you to all the listeners' feedbacks.

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