EP25 【原創童話】萬聖節魔法糖果-2🍬 【Original Story】Halloween magical candy Part 2🍬
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🌿每位小朋友都是獨特的,活出自己的天賦,接受並擁抱自己的與眾不同~ 在上一集萬聖節魔法糖果故事中,魔法師奇奇跟三隻小蝙蝠說明了在拿魔法變身糖果之前,需要先接受挑戰,如果挑戰成功了,就可以得到魔法變身糖果,咚咚、麗麗和波波很勇敢的對魔法師奇奇說他們願意接受挑戰,他們會遇到的挑戰是什麼呢?

🌿Everyone is unique. Let’s celebrate our strengths, accept and embrace our uniqueness.     In the magical forest, there are 3 very unique young bats, one has unusually large wings, one has unusually large ears and one speaks extremely slowly. They heard of the sorceress who hands out magical candies that have the power to transform.. …...

🍄原創故事、配音、製作: 貝貝媽咪

🍄story written by: BeiBei Mommy; voice actor, producer: BeiBei Mommy

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Music contribution:

The Fairy Queen, Z. 629 - Thus Happy and Free (For Recorders - Papalin)

The Fairy Queen, Z. 629 - Chaconne (For Recorders - Papalin)

from https://musopen.org/music

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



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