26. Damon Dobson
Play • 2 hr 24 min

Damon Dobson SHARES 10 years of sobriety with us as we explore his drinking, which started at age 13. He moved so much as a child it was hard for him to put down roots and feel safe. Damon’s football and academic efforts helped to contain his drinking for a time while in High School. Blackouts are a big part of his story and the damage done was usually told to him after the episode had taken place. The blackouts caused problems with his family, law enforcement, and work. Damon realized he had an alcohol problem around age 19. Damon struggled with illegal street drugs and prescription drugs for a period of time. He has been fired for drinking, in jail for a time due to drinking alcohol and in big trouble with his family due to his drinking. Damon’s family held a secret intervention on him at a local hotel in Dallas. He tells us in detail how that went and his feelings about the experience. Damon has been able to turn his life around with the help of his higher power and the 12-steps. He as acquired so many tools to deal with life on life’s terms without using alcohol or drugs. He has learned to rely on family, friends, health care professionals, and God to keep him sober and happy. Life is still in session and hard sometimes, but he has found a way to be happy and keep going towards positive outcomes. His powerful description of his 9th step amends with his father and brother are my favorite parts of this episode. 

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