20. Casey W
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Casey SHARES his 31 years of sobriety with us and shows it is possible to get sober as a teenager and stay sober. He began to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes early in life by modeling the behavior of adults that were close to him. He was lonely as a child due to his parents working long hours. Left to his own devices he began to allow his drinking to take on a larger roll in his life. The Alcohol was working for him at this point until things began to get out of control during his high school days. Phone calls home from school to report bad behavior, sleeping in his car sometimes, automobile crashes, and a general disintegration of his morals and behavior all led to him having to go to an AA meeting to GET THE HEAT OFF. Caseys sobriety date is 2 weeks after his first AA meeting. He was super uncomfortable during his first few AA meetings and had a few beers before he would attend those first few recovery meetings. He was very disappointed to find out that God was involved in this recovery plan. One of my favorite moments of this episode is when Casey said “it was not possible for me to love God as much as I loved drugs and alcohol so I did not love God anymore.” That is hitting bottom for real. His journey from that thought to where he is today is a miracle. We also talked about his love for young people in recovery and the importance of recovery based conferences and making new sober friends. We talk about how young people may not stay sober long term at first but while they are here they can gain a base knowledge about the AA recovery program and come back later in life when they hit another bottom. We talk about sponsorship and address the idea that “boys should sponsor boys and girls should sponsor girls”. We talk about relocating to another city or stare during long term sobriety and how drifting away from the AA program can be dangerous. Humility is a focal point of Caseys program and his step work. He explains that one way to think about how to define Humility is to “come back to god.” He points out that Humility is the foundation of all 12 steps and something we must develop to become truly happy. The 10th and 11th steps are covered in great detail and we explore the massive importance of quiet time in the morning “upon awakening”. This is a huge 3+ hour episode. I would love for you to listen to all of it please. I know it is a huge time commitment and I value your time and attention. This episode is packed with solid information from beginning to end. It's all good, so please invest in yourself and digest this whole episode, even thought it may take you few sessions to hear it all. You will be enriched, I promises. Stay blessed my Sober Friends.

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