18. Will Evans
Play • 1 hr 57 min

Will SHARES his sober journey with us and how it all began while he was in treatment and he said to a counselor  "I need help, I cannot live this alcoholic life anymore". His total surrender unlocked the willingness to follow his treatment teams advice to work the 12 steps and move to a sober living house in Atlanta, Georgia. Will developed rules for himself in early sobriety like never being alone in a car at night. His biggest fear was relapse because he knew to use again was death. Will realized that he did not need to have a full working knowledge of the AA program for it to work. Will turned his will and life over to the program and his treatment team during the first year of his sobriety and the blessing from the decision are still manifesting in his life today. At one point during our talk Will remarked that our addictions steel us from ourselves and that it is sobriety and God that can restore that broken connection. If we do the work and remove the things that block us off from the sunlight of the spirit then we can return to true freedom and peace of mind.

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