Episode 44 How To Become a Millionaire
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Who wants to be a millionaire?

This episode of the one-to-a-million podcast is very different to what has gone before. For a change Michael Crane, the podcast host, finds himself in the guest seat, being interviewed about his own business experience, and the reasons behind the show.

What's the first step to becoming a millionaire?

This question reflects the origins of the show, and Michael shares his insights on making money. While having a successful business is a major step in the process, there are some savvy ways to make your money work harder, grow faster, and give you an enviable lifestyle quicker. Michael talks from his own experience—early mistakes, lessons learnt, and his current successful approach. He shares it all, providing useful insight to anyone who has their eyes fixed on that goal.

Is it possible to become a millionaire from your bedroom?

When asked about the right and wrong way to start a business, Michael’s answer was simple. The only wrong way is to not get started. His own experience was to start from his bedroom. Short of space and short of money to invest in a rented office, he had no choice. He talks about some of the lessons he learnt, and how young entrepreneurs can benefit, not just from his example, but also from his experience of how to do things differently. He knows that if he started the same business from scratch now, he’d be more successful in a lot less time.

Do you need a six-figure income to be a millionaire?

Michael has a strong belief that anyone has the potential to be a millionaire, if they have the right attitude and the right tools. While he can’t do anything about your attitude, he is here to help you with the tools. He talks about money management, about how to make your money work for you, and not the other way around. He talks about the power of money to make money, and how to get started down that track, even if you think you’re not yet in a position to do so. Listen in to find out more about his methods and how you can apply them yourself.

One To a Million Project - The Young Entrepreneurs

The one to a million project was conceived to help young, aspiring millionaires to get started in business, and equip themselves with the knowledge and tools to make their first million. The idea was to take them from zero, not even a business, and help them from the ground up. From coming up with business ideas, through all the stages of creating and building a business, to compounding their income and reaching that magical six zeros.

As Michael explains, the project has evolved since the initial launch, and is currently in a revision phase. This means there is a fantastic opportunity for more people to get involved. If you might be interested, listen to the show to find out more about who the project is for and how to be a part of it.

Is it possible to become a millionaire without going to college?

Michael talks a lot in show about gaining knowledge, about needing a business education. For people wo dislike formal education, it is tempting to think that leaving school at the earliest possible opportunity and setting up a business, such as running a market stall, is their best option. There are certainly some high-profile life stories to support such a decision. However, those people are not necessarily typical. Michael refers to research which shows that there is a consistent correlation between income level and educational level. So while starting a business at a young age, and learning everything possible about how to run it effectively is something he recommends, it shouldn’t be at the expense of other educational opportunities.

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