Episode 41 Side hustle business – Formulating Success
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Formulating success

Have you ever wondered how to take the raw ingredients of a business and mix up a delightful success? 

This week’s guest, Lorraine Dallmeier has some great ideas to share based on her own experience of building a small side hustle into a multi-million-pound business.

A kitchen table enterprise

As a botanist, Lorraine is a specialist in plants but her early career as an environmental consultant took her away from the green growing variety and increasingly into contact with plant in the form of heavy industrial equipment.

Whilst on maternity leave, she impulsively decided to create an app to show people how to make their own beauty products from fun natural ingredients. 

She outsourced the coding but provided all the content, as well as successfully creating a following on social media and her blog.

Her spontaneous brainwave proved very popular and from this small beginning she realised that there is a huge demand from people who want to create their own products, whether purely for fun or to be completely in control of the ingredients.

It was time to take the enterprise more seriously.

The science bit

Lorraine started studying the science of formulation. Although she knew a lot about plants, she didn’t know much about the beauty industry.

While we often think of beauty products in scientific terms, something created by people in white coats in sterile laboratories under controlled conditions, Lorraine wants us to think more in terms of cookery. 

We should be more confident about making our own products at home, just as we feel able to cook our own meals. We can even grow our own ingredients, just as we may grow our own vegetables.

Lorraine was ready to move forward, to challenge the accepted industry norms and empower individuals to go D-I-Y. She had a vision for the future of her business and its place in the world—an essential ingredient in the success of any entrepreneur.

Bringing more to the table

Like any business owner with a clear vision of the goal, Lorraine needed to find a way to make it happen. She was able to acquire the school she’d studied with, which at that time was very small. But like any plant in the hands of a botanist, she was ready to help it grow and flourish.

While the school still offers introductory courses to allow students to mix up their own face cream on their kitchen table, there is now much more on offer.  Like any other successful business, it has had to evolve to keep up with the demand of its clients (students). 

And now many graduates are creating their own successful businesses, reaping the rewards of the seeds Lorraine planted. The tuition provides them with everything they need to know to create, not just excellent, unique products, but an excellent and unique business.


Whether a business starts with mixing ingredients at a kitchen table, or in some other way, creating success requires persistence and perseverance, along with a clear mission to change something in the world.

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