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Programme of audio works selected by Hanne Lippard

As part of Contact Mood Share

Works by: Paul Arámbula, Laurel Halo, David Hofstra and Lynne Tillman, Karl Holmqvist, Dorothy Iannone, Alison Knowles, Hanne Lippard, Armin Lorenz Gerold, Luzie Meyer, Ania Nowak, Claudia Pagès, Sue Tompkins

Friday 23 April 2021

Aired on Montez Radio at 19:00 (CET)

From 24 April available on all major listening apps

Superhost 2021

Organised by M HKA / In collaboration with Montez Radio

The Contact Mood Share project developed by Hanne Lippard in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp, is a three-part programme focusing on language, especially the vocabulary and semiology that comes with particular social changes and developments.

The Contact season dedicates its time and space to what might touch or connect one body to another, virtually as well as physically. As part of the Contact season, Hanne Lippard has prepared a programme of audio works titled A CONSTANT OF FEELINGS related to the notion of ‘contact’. The playlist will air on Friday 23 April 2021 in collaboration with Montez Radio. The selection provides a unique listening experience of soundscapes and language-based performances by means of texts, songs and poems, giving the floor to artists, writers and musicians from different generations.

The Contact Mood Share project by Hanne Lippard is part of Superhost; a programme investing in a yearlong relationship between an artist or a collective practice, the museum and its participating communities, and supporting the production of artworks, performative or discursive creations. The Superhost project is curated by Anne-Claire Schmidt and Joanna Zielińska.

Contact Mood Share is generously supported by the Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA), with additional support from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Brussels.

List of works and credits (in order of appearance):

Sue Tompkins, RAID/TURNOVER, 2015 . Courtesy of the Artist,The Modern Institute/ Toby Webster Ltd., Glasgow and Voidoid Archive Records. 3:20 min.

Luzie Meyer, Gesture, 2016. 6 min.

Ania Nowak, To the Aching Parts! (Manifesto), 2019, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin Text, performance: Ania Nowak. Advice: Julia Rodríguez, Justyna Stasiowska. 12 min.

Alison Knowles, Nivea Cream Piece, 1962. Premiered November 25th, 1962 at Alle Szenen Theater, Copenhagen, at Fluxus Festival. 5:21 min.

Hanne Lippard, Sanctuary, 2013. 2:14 min.

Claudia Pagès. Harry Potter. Emissions, Fools & Care (Talk Trouble). Music Production Alex Clavera. 2017. 4:13.

Paul Arámbula, Walk through this world with me (1 ep. a fragment), 2019. 3:44 min.

Dorothy Iannone, EWIG GRÜN, 1975. Published by Daniel Löwenbrück / Tochnit Aleph, Berlin in 2015 as a 12“ Vinyl LP in an edition of 300 copies. 15:42 min.

Armin Lorenz Gerold, A passage from ‘Conversations with my soul’ found in ’Surge’ by Etel Adnan, 2020. 2:38 min.

David Hofstra and Lynne Tillman, Tell the story. Just another asshole #5, 1981. 49 sec.

Karl Holmqvist, CALL YOUR GIRLFRIEND, 2020. 3:45.

Laurel Halo, Years, 2012. 2:52 min.

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