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Book Summaries
Jun 24, 2021
Effortless by Greg McKeown Summary
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The one lesson Greg wants you to take away from Effortless is this: life doesn’t have to be as hard and complicated as we make it.

My Favorite Quotes from Effortless

When we apply effortless actions to high-leverage activities the return on our effort compounds.

When we invite joy into our daily routine, we are no longer yearning for the far-off day when it might arrive. That day is always today.

After I complain, I will say something I am thankful for.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. -Maya Angelou

When we are fully present with another person we see them more clearly, and we help them see themselves more clearly.

Simplicity, the art of maximizing the steps not taken, is essential.

Most geniuses prosper not by deconstructing intricate complexities, but by exploiting unrecognized simplicities. -Andy Benoit

There is no mastery without mistakes.

If you are not embarrassed by your first product launch, you launched it too late. -Reid Hoffman

The most useful knowledge often comes from fields different than our own.

Reading a book is among the most high-leverage activities on earth.

Identify knowledge that is unique to you and build on it.

Knowledge may open the door to an opportunity, but unique knowledge produces perpetual opportunities.

When we invest our time in actions with a long tail, we continue to reap the benefits over a long period.

Each new moment is a chance to start over, a chance to make a new choice.

Just think how the trajectory of a life can shift in the most fleeting of moments.

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