Ep.34 | Ian Morgan Cron: Using the Enneagram as a Tool in Leadership, Marriage, and Addiction
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Not all people see, respond and process the world the same way. The way in which we move through the world and impact others around us is different from the way others do it. We are motivated differently. Our unresolved wounds can drive our behaviors, unconsciously.

This week, we are “re-dropping” an episode with Ian Morgan Cron, bestselling author, psychotherapist, and Enneagram blackbelt about how we can learn to see the world through multiple lenses. Specifically, through each of the nine personality types of the Enneagram.

The Enneagram is a tool that enhances self-awareness. It helps us to recognize and disconnect from our personality patterns that limit us. It invites us to step into our truest and best self.  What you don’t realize about yourself can hurt you and others at work and home. And the more we hold our complex selves lightly, the more our self-compassion grows as does our empathy for others.

In this week’s episode, we explore how the Enneagram can enhance connection. It elevates leadership and deepens intimacy. It is a valuable tool for those of us recovering from addiction as it helps with rigorous, compassionate self-honesty. It helps us to have a sense of humor about ourselves.

Ian is a host of the ever-popular podcast Typology, which has nearly 15 million downloads, and he brings transparency, humor, and depth of insight into the inner workings of the heart, mind and soul for all those he works with and inspires.

Here’s what we connect on:

  • Ian tells us of his journey, his life, and how he found the Enneagram (3:33)
  • How the Enneagram is a transformative and spiritual tool that can help aid in the connection to ourselves, to a spiritual presence, and to others (9:35)
  • How leaders can embrace the Enneagram by learning how to lead themselves, so that they can then lead others in healthy and sustainable ways (12:31)
  • How the Enneagram can cultivate compassion, empathy, appreciation, and excitement in marriages (17:12)
  • The Enneagram as a tool for addiction and recovery; How self-knowledge can be the missing piece for many addicts (20:25)

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To find more on Ian, visit his website ianmorgancron.com or on social media, @ianmorgancron.

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