Saving You a Seat
Saving You a Seat
Sep 13, 2022
Ep.40 | Sam Davis: Addiction, Recovery and Never Losing Hope
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Did you know that 21 million Americans today are struggling with addiction? Overdose deaths have more than tripled in the last 20 years. Countless individuals, maybe even someone in your world, is struggling today whether you know it or not.

On this episode of Saving You A Seat, I have the pleasure of sitting down at the table with Sam Davis. Sam is in long-term recovery and is an intervention professional who has been performing interventions for over a decade, assisting thousands of families on their road to recovery. He is here today to share his story and discuss all things recovery with us.

Sam and I get real and raw about our experiences with addiction, bringing you perspectives from both the addict and the family. We talk about how the disease of addiction creates chaos and wrecks relationships. And we are very clear that until someone changes the dance steps, nothing changes. Join us as we talk honestly about how people and families recover from the intergenerational patterns of addiction and trauma. You don’t want to miss Sam’s story because he is truly a walking miracle who shines the lantern of recovery on the path for others.

I hope this episode brings you hope amid the sorrow and light amid the darkness if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction.

Here’s what we connect on:

  • Sam openly and honestly shares his story, beginning with his generational childhood trauma, with us (2:03)
  • Discussing the difficult position family members can be in when having a loved one who is struggling with addiction (17:33)
  • Accepting that there is deep emotional damage that needs to be resolved even after putting the substances down (21:48)
  • Finding hope and moving forward realistically after spending countless hours journeying towards recovery (29:34)
  • Learning how to mend relationships and show up for those who we love as someone in recovery (32:24)

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To connect with Sam, visit him at where you can find an interventionist that would be the right fit for your family. You are not alone, help is out there and recovery is possible.

To connect with Karen, follow her on social media: @karenjhardwick and visit to order The Connected Leader today.

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