Saving You a Seat
Saving You a Seat
Aug 16, 2022
Ep.36 | The Bulitts: Keys to A Successful Marriage
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If you have been feeling stuck or energized in your marriage, you are in for a treat because this episode is for you!

This week, I have the joy of sitting down with Julie Bulitt, a marriage therapist, and her husband David, a divorce attorney, who have been married for 36 years. The Bulitts are raw, open and honest about what they have experienced over the years as a couple raising four daughters.

Together, the Bulitts wrote a book, The Five Core Conversations for Couples, which lays out invaluable marriage wisdom. These hard-won kickstarters are learned through the Bulitt’s own journey as they learned the importance of an apology and prioritizing time together.. . They invite us to give our marriage as much focused attention as we give our professional goals. They play off of each other, with gratitude and humor, as they talk about their different styles and weathering storms.

As Julie and David will share with you in this episode, marriage holds the possibility of being a beautiful and powerful connection that brings us together while encouraging us to be our true, individual self.

Here’s what we connect on:

  • How to continue to show grace and respect to your partner throughout shifts and changes in the relationship (4:13)
  • The importance of showing up for a true, genuine and honest apology (8:32)
  • Keeping the attitude of gratitude alive in marriage (13:08)
  • The hierarchy of needs in relationships + the importance of self-care and self-connection (17:26)
  • Learning to apply corporate skills to your personal relationship to achieve your mutual goals (25:36)

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To connect with The Bulitts, read their book,The Five Core Conversations for Couples, available everywhere books are sold, on social media @thebulitts and at their website

To connect with Karen, follow her on social media @karenjhardwick and visit to order The Connected Leader today.

Quotes for Hannah:

  • 6:59: “The “out” when something goes wrong is to blame someone else and making sure that you do not do that is crucial to a healthy relationship.” (Julie)
  • 8:19: “It’s time to close the escape hatches and own your stuff.” (Karen)
  • 14:52: “The best role model for independence [for my daughters] is my wife. She doesn’t need me to move her life along. But she wants me to be there and knows we are better together.” (David)
  • 16:51: “The relationships that are the strongest are two individuals standing next to each other sharing their strengths but also being very separate.” (Karen)
  • 18:30: “We can’t connect to anybody in healthy ways until we learn to connect with ourselves in meaningful, honest ways.” (Karen)
  • 20:21: “Radical self-care is not selfish.” (Karen)
  • 26:36: “Why wouldn’t you put the same effort you put into succeeding in business into succeeding in your relationship?” (David)
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