Saving You a Seat
Saving You a Seat
Jun 14, 2022
Ep.27 | Jonathan McCoy: The Power of Our Story and Its Ability to Impact Others
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We all come from a story. The question is, what do you do with it?

Many of us are caught in a small story, the wrong story, or no story at all. And sometimes, as humans, we can get stuck in the part of our story that is painful, which makes it hard to connect, restore, or progress forward.

As leaders, it’s important to own our story and tell it in a way so it is a tale of vulnerability and rising up. Both the struggle and the redemption is key so that when we invite our employees into a larger story, they can see how what they do and their true self impacts the larger organization.

When you self-connect and reflect, you can embrace your story, transform your story, and tell your story, so that you’re able to reconnect with yourself and, in turn, inspire and lead others well.

In this week’s episode, we chat with Jonathan McCoy, self-acclaimed “question asker” and “pattern noticer”,who helps us understand that we are part of a larger story and each person’s story has the power to impact others.

Jonathan, founder of Faith & Valor, tells us how we can build connection, unpack our stories, and do good work… well. He’s worked for many other consulting firms, including Accenture, and knows how to help leaders and organizations unlock clarity, unravel complexity, and elevate their impact.

Jonathan says, “The challenges in organizations happen when there is no connection or the connection can’t flow freely” and Karen agrees in saying, “When I see leaders moving the needle in their organizations (in sustainable and healthy ways), it’s flowing from the leaders doing the hard work on themselves first.” (25:40)

Here’s what we connect on:

  • Defining connection and discussing how good leadership is an inside job (5:30)
  • Why our story is so important and how we can connect more honestly to it (8:10)
    • Jonathan shares his story with us (12:40)
  • How connecting consciously, navigating chaos calmly, and embracing our life helps us to become more whole human beings (15:15)
  • The Great Resignation and why people are leaving for a better story (17:10)
  • How to connect organizations and what they do to who they are as people so they can find their truest story (22:50)
  • Using the gift of reflection to maintain perspective in the different seasons and downturns of life (28:40)

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To find more on Jonathan, visit his website or on LinkedIn, Faith & Valor.

To connect with Karen, follow her on social media: @karenjhardwick and visit to order The Connected Leader today.

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