Mining Stock Daily
Mining Stock Daily
Oct 23, 2020
China's Covid Recovery and Metals Consumption
59 min

In this weekend's long-form interview, we welcome Samson Li from Hong Kong. Samson discusses all things China, including the countries economic recovery since the height of Covid, its spending spree on metals and resources, and what is driving all this action. Despite the numbers, Samson does have some pessimism of ongoing growth in the country and he tells us why.

We then turn to Rob Sinn for a quick list of some common mistakes resource speculators make when deploying capital into the sector. Here are a few things to watch out for when conducting due diligence.

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Minera Alamos is an advanced stage exploration and development company with multiple low-cap-ex projects in Mexico. Minera Alamos is traded with the symbol MAI on the TSX-V and with MAIFF in the US OTC Markets. Read more about their development strategies at

Corvus Gold is an advanced gold-silver exploration and development company focused on the North Bullfrog and Mother Lode Projects in Nevada. The company has been named a Top Five TSX gold equity performer Four of the last Seven years & a multi time top 50 OTCQX performer. Corvus Gold trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq with the symbol KOR. Follow all the news form Corvus and its two-mine projects with fast-tracked potential via the company's website,

Western Copper and Gold is focused on developing the world-class Casino project in Canada's Yukon Territory. The Casino project consists of an impressive 10 billion pounds of copper and 18 million ounces of gold in an overall resource. Western Copper and Gold trades on the TSX and the NYSE American with WRN. Be sure to follow the company via their website,

Rio2 is advancing the Fenix Gold Project in Chile, the largest undeveloped gold heap leach project in the Americas. Fenix consists of 5 million ounces in the measured and indicated resource category and 1.4 million ounces in the inferred resource category. With a robust PFS in place, Fenix is set up for fast-tracked construction and production. You can find a robust list of project and company information on their website,

Palisades Gold Radio
Palisades Gold Radio
Collin Kettell
Brett Heath: Mining Companies to Profit Handsomely at $2,000 Gold
Tom welcomes Brett Heath, President, and CEO of Metalla Royalty & Streaming, back to the show. Brett discusses what led him to enter the metals and mining industry and what attracted him to the streaming and royalty business. He says, "When you pull several royalties together, it can provide an enormous about of optionality in a rising price environment." Metalla's business model is in buying existing royalties, and there are times when it's easier for companies to give up some of their production in exchange for equity. Brett discusses some of the tier one royalties they have acquired this year. We went through a time when investors struggled with the major producers because they were creating massive capital destruction. This is why most generalist investors have moved to the royalty and streaming sector to offset these risks. The royalty sector has grown significantly and is now an excellent way for investors to get exposure to the metals. Most silver mine production comes as a byproduct of other metals, and few produce mostly silver. Metalla has acquired two silver streams that are based strictly on silver. He believes we are just now entering the second phase of this bull market in metals. Gold and silver are still hated, but we see equity returning to the majors and even down to the juniors. The second phase is when big institutions and the public begin to get involved and is usually a longer and stronger period for the market. The third phase and final phase is usually marked by irrational exuberance. Time Stamp References:0:00 - Introduction0:32 - Brett's Background2:00 - Royalty Business Model5:40 - Royalties Vs. Streaming7:56 - Why Miners use Royalties11:09 - Good Jurisdictions13:10 - Stages and Metrics13:58 - Royalty Sector Trends15:50 - Silver Royalties?17:26 - Contract Agreements19:50 - Forward Market Factors23:26 - Irrational Exuberance Talking Points From This Week's Episode Brett's BackgroundMetalla's Business ModelAdvantages of RoyaltiesEntering Second Phase of this Bull Run Guest Links:Website: Mr. Heath is President and CEO and Director of Metalla Royalty & Streaming. He has an extensive career in the structured finance, corporate finance, and investment management industry. He was previously the Chairman and CEO of High Stream Corporation before Metalla acquired it in August 2016. High Stream was a specialty streaming and royalty consulting company where he worked with First Mining Finance, and several other private equity funds, advising and brokering metal streaming transactions. Before that, he was the President of a private streaming company where he deployed $11 million in 4 producing streaming transactions in 3 separate jurisdictions. Before that, he was a founding principal of KSIR Capital Management a hedge fund focused on small and micro-cap mining companies. He also advised several mining companies with KSIR Capital, the corporate finance division of KSIR.
28 min
Demography Unplugged with Neil Howe
Demography Unplugged with Neil Howe
Hedgeye Risk Management
Vaccines, Republican Women, and New Asia Trade Deal
*In this latest issue of my weekly podcast, we discuss the race for a vaccine. *Both Pfizer and Moderna announced that preliminary data show that their vaccines are over 90% effective. Yet despite the good news, there are still some major hurdles for these vaccines. 1. They have to be stored at sub-zero temperatures. 2. There is deep public distrust in their safety. 3. There hasn't been time to study their long-term effects (ADE, cross-reactivity, immunity duration, etc.). *Is political polling dead?* Pre-election day polls showed Democrats rolling easily into the White House, regaining the Senate, and expanding their majority in the House. While pollsters had the popular vote for the presidency within the margin of error, they failed to predict Senate and House outcomes. They seem to have missed the "shy" Republican voter, who split their ticket. *Republican women expand their numbers. *At least 15 new Republican women were elected to Congress this year, a new record for the party. With all the Republican female incumbents holding their seats so far, GOP women are set to more than double their ranks in the House.  *Between 2019 and 2020, the number of retired Boomers increased by 3.2 million.* Until now, the annual average for this figure has been 2 million. Probable culprit: the pandemic, which is persuading many lower-earning Boomers to call it quits.  *15 Asian countries sign a new trade deal. *Last Sunday, 15 nations signed the RECP, which streamlines country of origin laws. It is the first trade agreement between China, South Korea, and Japan. Noticeably, India is not in the deal. Prime Minister Modi claimed India would be flooded with "cheap" Chinese goods if they took part. *Hungary and Poland stall EU budget and recovery bill.* On Monday, diplomats from Hungary and Poland announced they would veto the long awaited-recovery bill. Their objection stems from a "values" clause which ties grants to having free and democratic institutions.  ********** The content featured here is a small part of Hedgeye’s *Demography Unplugged*, a game-changing market intelligence product brought to you by historian, demographer and best-selling author Neil Howe. Visit us to find out more and subscribe.
1 hr 3 min
The "I hung up on Warren Buffett" Podcast by Wolfpack Research
The "I hung up on Warren Buffett" Podcast by Wolfpack Research
Dan David
Episode 3 - Soren Aandahl
In this episode, Dan and The Pack visit with a friend of the show - Soren Aandahl from Blue Orca Capital. Soren goes in depth about his family history, their missionary work in Asia, and how that experience contributed to his success as a short activist overseas. Soren talks about how his time at Harvard Law School led to an apprenticeship where he witnessed the Enron bankruptcy first-hand. Soren tells us about his transition from law to finance, the origin story of Glaucus Research Group, and the move to his current firm, Blue Orca Capital. Finally, the former Kirkland & Ellis attorney shares some valuable lessons on contract negotiation. Sit back, have a drink, and enjoy a conversation with Dan and The Pack as they go inside the world of the seldom interviewed short activist, Soren Aandahl. 4:08 - Soren’s global upbringing, his time in Canada, the U.S., and his deep familial connection with Asia. 15:45 - Soren talks about his time at Harvard Law School and how an apprenticeship got him a front-row seat to the legal aftermath of Enron's collapse. 33:40 - Getting the “last job on Wall St.” before the financial crisis and working insane hours during in his first year at Kirkland & Ellis. 50:50 – Soren's transition from law to finance, without any previous finance experience. 56:20 – Starting Glaucus Research Group and the story behind the name. 1:02:35 – Shorting China-based U.S listed companies and the legal “gray areas” that exist between the U.S. and China. 1:23:30 - Common misconceptions about short sellers, the grueling due diligence process Dan and Soren go through to protect investors, and the flaws of sell-side analysts and auditors. 1:47:30 - Who the top writers in the activist short space are and what differentiates their work from others. 1:52:40 - Dan and Soren’s tips for highly sensitive contract negotiations.
2 hr 2 min
The Contrarian Investor Podcast
The Contrarian Investor Podcast
Nathaniel E. Baker
Theron De Ris, Eschler Asset Management, on the Bullish Case for Precious Metals, Energy Stocks
Become a premium member and receive episodes earlier and without ads or announcements! Sign up here for just $9/month or $99/year. Theron De Ris of London-based Eschler Asset Management joins the podcast to discuss why now may be an optimal time to invest in shares of precious metals companies and energy concerns. One of De Ris' favorite stocks -- and primary portfolio holdings -- is discussed at some length in the second half of the program. Content Segments (Spotify users can link to the segment directly by clicking on the timestamp) * Why Eschler Asset Management is bullish on precious metals (3:14) and why the pullback could be a buying opportunity for gold equities in particular (8:02); * The picture for energy and why it is reminiscent of the precious metals industry circa 2015 (9:03); * Demand from emerging markets, especially China, should persist despite economic difficulties (11:44), nor should renewable energy crimp demand in the short term (13:08); * Background on the guest and how he got started waiting tables in Frankfurt, Germany (18:03) and eventually started his own fund (23:41); * His process for finding ideas and picking stocks (26:34); * How royalty and streaming companies work. Most are focused on precious metals, including Franco-Nevada Corp. (NYSE:FNV), Wheaton Precious Metals (NYSE:WPM), and Royal Gold (NASDAQ:RGLD) (28:00); * The favorite stock and one of the fund's main holdings: EMX Royalties (NYSE:EMX) (30:07). Additional Information on the Guest: * Website:; * Twitter: @DeRist2011; * YouTube channel: Not intended as investment advice.
34 min
Michael Covel's Trend Following
Michael Covel's Trend Following
Michael Covel
Ep. 922: Dan Sullivan Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio
Have you ever had a new idea or a goal that excites you…but not enough time to execute it? What about a goal you really want to accomplish…but can’t because instead of taking action, you procrastinate? Do you feel like the only way things are going to get done is if you do them? But what if it wasn’t that way? What if you had a team of people around you that helped you accomplish your goals? When we want something done, we’ve been trained to ask ourselves: “How can I do this?” Well, there is a better question to ask. One that unlocks a whole new world of ease and accomplishment. Expert coach Dan Sullivan knows the question we should ask instead: “Who can do this for me?” This may seem simple. And it is. But don’t let the lack of complexity fool you. By mastering this question, you will quickly learn how billionaires and successful entrepreneurs like Dan build incredible businesses and personal freedom. Dan teaches you how to make this essential paradigm-shift so you can: • Build a successful business effectively while not killing yourself • Immediately free-up 1,000+ hours of work that you shouldn’t be doing anyway • Bypass the typical scarcity and decline of aging and other societal norms • Increase your vision in all areas of life and build teams of WHOs to support you in that vision • Never be limited in your goals and ambitions again • Expand your abundance of wealth, innovation, relationships, and joy • Build a life where everything you do is your choice-how you spend your time, how much money you make, the quality of your relationships, and the type of work you do Making this shift involves retraining your brain to stop limiting your potential based on what you solely can do and instead focus on the nearly infinite and endless connections between yourself and other people as well as the limitless transformation possible through those connections. Bio: Dan Sullivan is an expert on entrepreneurship. He is the co-founder of Strategic Coach–the leading entrepreneurial coaching program in the world. Over the past 30 years, Strategic Coach has provided teaching and training to more than 20,000 entrepreneurs worldwide. In this episode of Trend Following Radio: Dan Sullivan’s Father Entrepreneurial Coaching Entrepreneurial Mindset Virtual Communication Who not How Concept Social Entrepreneur Finding the Who
51 min
Resolve's Gestalt University
Resolve's Gestalt University
ReSolve Asset Management
ReSolve Riffs on Maximizing the Rebalancing Premium
This is “ReSolve’s Riffs” – live on YouTube every Friday afternoon to debate the most relevant investment topics of the day. As US equities and bonds continue their apparently unstoppable rally, their expected return over the coming years grows vanishingly small, Especially if markets are faced with anything other than the goldilocks environment of growth, deflation and abundant liquidity that has ruled the past 12 years. Readers of our research (as well as any student of history) will know that stocks and bonds can go through prolonged periods of synchronized underperformance, while Risk Parity can navigate virtually any form of inflationary or growth shock. But when executed properly, with periodic rebalancing, Risk Parity can benefit from a substantial tailwind, as we showed in our recent paper – Maximizing the Rebalancing Premium. Our discussion of the rebalancing premium and its implications for investors included: * The traditional thinking on rebalancing is likely outdated – adjusting for drift is not enough * Defining the rebalancing premium and how it can be maximized * The benefits of rebalancing for different implementations of Risk Parity * Why buy-and-hold investors are paying this premium * Risk Parity vs the ubiquitous 60/40 The debate also delved into the importance of reducing volatility drag to smooth out the path portfolios take and improve geometric returns. Thank you for watching and listening. See you next week.
1 hr 13 min
The Derivative
The Derivative
RCM Alternatives
The Mysteries and Makings of Machine Learning with Dr. Ernie Chan of QTS Cap
Does all this Machine Learning stuff really work? If it’s so good, why aren’t AI powered hedge funds printing money? And what is the difference between AI, machine learning, deep learning, machine trading, and more. Today’s guest is one that’s been at the center of the AI/MT/ML universe for over four decades. Ernie Chan runs a machine learning hedge fund at QTS Capital management, has authored 3 books – with the 4th on the way - and is the creator of Ernie is joining us on The Derivative to talk about machine learning, decision trees, factors, and more factors, Niagara-on-the-Falls, bells & whistles becoming commonplace, Tim Hortons, the basics of machine learning, Les Miserable, ensemble approaches (diversification), classification vs regression, random forest techniques,  the merging of AI and Machine Learning,, supervised vs unsupervised learning, Harry Potter (instead of Star Wars), and the effects of machine learning on the market. Chapters: 00:00-02:45 = Intro  02:46-22:38 = Complicated Machine Learning - Going Back to Basics 22:39-38:45 = Basics of Machine Learning, ML vs AI + Unsupervised Learning  38:46-46:34 = PredictNow.Ai  46:35-01:06:07 = Take Us to QTS / You can Still Gain an Edge  01:06:08-01:10:46 = Favorites You can view and download Ernie’s QTS performance track record via the links below: QTS Capital Management, LLC. Tail Reaper, QTS Capital Management, LLC. QTS Partners, L.P. (QEP Only), QTS Capital Management, LLC. VIX Timer (QEP only), QTS Capital Management, LLC. (Chimera QEP only) Follow along with Ernie by checking out his published work, following him on LinkedIn, and taking a look at & the QTS website. And last but not least, don't forget to subscribe to The Derivative, and follow us on Twitter, or LinkedIn, and Facebook, and sign-up for our blog digest. Disclaimer: This podcast is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal, business, or tax advice. All opinions expressed by podcast participants are solely their own opinions and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of RCM Alternatives, their affiliates, or companies featured. Due to industry regulations, participants on this podcast are instructed not to make specific trade recommendations, nor reference past or potential profits. And listeners are reminded that managed futures, commodity trading, and other alternative investments are complex and carry a risk of substantial losses. As such, they are not suitable for all investors. For more information, visit
1 hr 11 min
Top Traders Unplugged
Top Traders Unplugged
Niels Kaastrup-Larsen
115 The Systematic Investor Series ft Robert Carver – November 22nd, 2020
Rob Carver returns to the show today to discuss the relevance of open trade equity compared to closed trade equity, the reported return of value’s reign over growth stocks, combining Trend Following portfolios with other strategies, the important of using significant sample sizes when analysing data, why successful systematic traders tend to have the longest documented returns on record.  Questions we answer include: Which type of moving average is generally the most effective in Trend Following?  Do you recommend any hedging strategies? If you would like to leave us a voicemail to play on the show, you can do so here. Check out our Global Macro series here. Learn more about the Trend Barometer here. IT's TRUE 👀 - most CIO's read 50+ books each year - get your copy of the Ultimate Guide to the Best Investment Books ever written here. And you can get a free copy of my latest book "The Many Flavors of Trend Following" here. Send your questions to Follow Niels, Moritz & Rob on Twitter: @TopTradersLive,  @MoritzSeibert & @InvestingIdiocy And please share this episode with a like-minded friend and leave an honest rating & review on iTunes so more people can discover the podcast. Top Traders Unplugged wins award for ‘Best Trading Podcast’ and features among the ‘Top 20 Best Investing Podcasts in 2020’ by The Investors Podcast 🏆 Episode Summary 0:00 - Intro 2:35 - Macro recap from Niels 4:59 - Weekly review of returns 27:16 - Q1; Mervin: What investment strategies would you recommending supplementing a Trend Following portfolio with? 37:36 - Q2 & Q3; Daniel: How do you think about open trade equity versus closed equity, in terms of drawdowns?  Do you have any recommendations for hedging your Trend Following positions? 1:03:57 - Q4; Antonio: Which type of Moving Average (SMA, EMA, ALMA etc) is generally the most effective in Trend Following models? 1:22:48 - Performance recap 1:23:48 - Recommended podcast listening this week: Rauol Pal on the What Bitcoin Did Podcast & blog post on the Robot Wealth website regarding Tesla's inclusion in the S&P 500 & William White talking to Jim Grant on Real Vision Subscribe on:
1 hr 28 min
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