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Comics & Pop-tarts
Jul 30, 2022
S3EP12: Comics & Pop-tarts presents - Doug Knight (Cross Eye Comics)
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Tonight I bring you a very special guest from across the Northern tundra, Doug Knight, artist/tattoo artist/writer/workhorse/role model, and probably a unique creator I've had the pleasure of crossing conversation with on this show. We discussed several of his properties, but Doug gave us some pretty great lessons in the medium of comics for all you aspiring creators. We talk about early 90s cartoons like Biker Mice from Mars, Power Rangers, and Street Sharks, shipping prices for crowdfunding, and the work it takes to be a creator. WARNING SERIOUS DREAMERS only! Don't miss this inspiring journey with me on this morning's show!

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Our next guest: Jean-Paul Deshong (Blackberry Juice Publishing)

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