My Process Of Learning, Assimilation, Application & Distribution Of Digital Content
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Do you want to know my precise process of learning, assimilation, application, and distribution of digital content? This is the podcast for you.

1. My Learning Process 

  • I follow fewer people on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter
  • I only watch Courses of my mentors
  • I tuned into selected Podcasts of game-changers
  • I only follow a few Core Influencers
  • I do a lot of research on Quora for key questions
  • I do Deep Research Sprints for 60-120 mins
  • I conduct surveys and get feedback from my Community
  • I also listen to Audio Books on Audible

2. My Assimilation Process

  • I take a lot of notes on my Apple Notes
  • I then integrate all those into Mindmaps using MindNode
  • I also integrate a lot of my ideas but not working 
  • I have dedicated Wednesday as Thinking Day
  • I love to drive out of town and just think

3. My Application Process

  • I love to work in 2-Hr Bursts of time
  • I also love to do random experiments on tools and systems
  • I pretty much like taking action with speed. No analysis paralysis.
  • All my podcasts and videos are "single take".

4. My Distribution Process

  • I have a process to distribute my YouTube Interviews
  • I have a team that works on my other YouTube videos
  • I have a simple Podcast Process to roll out episodes really fast
  • I have a simple Instagram Process to get more people to my pillar contents
  • I post 2-3 times a day on my Facebook Group
  • I use a Telegram Process to get more people to all my content pieces
  • I also use for syndicating my podcasts into Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Hope you found these tips useful.

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