E3: Changing Waterways
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How are changing temperatures and weather patterns impacting Lake Simcoe? How sensitive are our water systems to climate change? Can we protect freshwater of Lake Simcoe and ensure the lake stays healthy and clean for generations to come? Dr. Brian Ginn joins host Katie Biddie to talk about climate change as one of the top three environmental stressors on Lake Simcoe, how nutrients like phosphorus and salt threaten lake health, and the effects of rising water temperatures on cold water fish populations. Learn more about how we can join together to fight and tackle climate change in the Lake Simcoe watershed.

Key take-aways from this episode:

  • Lakes are a “downhill ecosystem”; everything that happens on the landscape that surrounds it will eventually impact Lake Simcoe.
  • Lake Simcoe is already facing several challenges because of climate change, including the threats posed by road salt and phosphorus in run-off water.
  • The warmer temperatures that are projected for our region due to climate change will pose a risk to the fish that live in Lake Simcoe and rely on cold water habitats.

What can you do?

  • Consider how you can help keep the water where you live clean. Use household products that are phosphorus-free.
  • Divert water that runs off your property onto soil or grass and away from paved surfaces. Position downspouts from your home away from the driveway or install a rain barrel to collect water from your roof.
  • Install low impact development features like green roofs, or rain gardens on your property to allow rainwater to infiltrate into the ground. Check out our Low Impact Development webpage for more ideas on what you can do.
  • Be careful not to over-salt your driveway or walkway in the wintertime.
  • If you live on the shore or bank of a stream, naturalize the area to prevent erosion and improve water quality. Learn more about Improving Streams & Retrofitting On-line Ponds
  • Be an invasive species fighter! Clean, drain and dry your boat, watercraft and gear between trips to bodies of water to prevent spreading invasive species.

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