Florence Talks
Florence Talks
Mar 22, 2021
E3: Michael Pryke (Coach) - Understanding and Developing a Growth Mindset
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An individual’s growth is an opportunity every company should offer. To be able to pursue challenging goals, the freedom to make mistakes and learn from these to improve themselves and a company is something that should be encouraged in the workplace.

In this webinar Michael Pryke, a co-founder of a SaaS startup, will discuss how he has transitioned from avoiding criticism and feedback, to viewing these as challenges and opportunities for growth, and how the Growth Mindset can be implemented as a management tool.   

Join us to learn about:  

- The origin of the Growth Mindset and Carol Dweck’s theory 

- The differences between a Fixed Mindset and a Growth Mindset 

- The common misconceptions of the Growth Mindset 

- How to adopt a Growth Mindset personally and encourage it in an organisation  

The online session is free of charge and equates to 45 mins of CPD. There will be a Q&A at the end. A free PDF attendance certificate will be provided after the event.


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