Roots & Ritual
Roots & Ritual
Apr 6, 2021
Capoeira: Afro Brazilian Dance of Freedom
Play • 40 min

Capoeira is a multi-layered practice. Part-martial art, part-dance, it’s a practise of skill, strategy and storytelling. Brought to Brazil by Africans during slavery at the beginning of the 16th century, it was used as a way to preserve history, culture and physical acuity. Capoeira has since become a part of Brazil’s cultural heritage and is practiced passionately across the world to this day. In this episode, we speak to Mestre Ponciano who guides us through the rich world of Capoeira and Puma Camillê, who is pushing the practice forward through his fusion with Vogue, connecting two cultures that have found emancipation through movement.

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Roots & Ritual is a Trippin production. Trippin is an independent platform that connects travel, culture and creativity like never before, collaborating with our community to uncover stories that are found at the intersection of social and cultural boundaries. 

Produced by Yasmin Shahmir & Robyn Landau

Edited by Ami Bennett

Music by Project Gemini track “The Ritual” 

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